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Comments from our Members

"It is almost time for me to renew my membership, which I will do with a smile on my face."

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent resilience program.  It was apparent how much time and effort went into planning the event.  Thank you so much for gathering to share such a timely topic.  The presentation and discussion were both wonderfully done and much appreciated.  The entire program was a gift and I am very grateful."

"Thank you for all your endeavors on behalf of the members of this organization.  I am sitting here calm and happy.  I remember how lost and alone I felt six years ago, before I joined.  I made it my job to email everyone who was the contact person for each group that interested me.  They were all closed at the time so I requested to be on the waiting list.  One by one opportunities opened up for me.  Today I am a member of five SIGs/TPGs.  I have made some wonderful friends as well as very nice acquaintances.  I am writing to let you know that what you do MATTERS to many women.  It certainly matters to me."

"Thank you for all the work being done to keep me connected.  Because I live alone, the events are especially important."


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