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What’s changing in your life?

Work? Relationships? Health? Interests?

We get it. We’re a vibrant community of smart, active, and accomplished woman over 50. We're New Yorkers rich in experience, with skills honed during our careers and the pursuit of our passions.

We’re you.

Like you, we’re in transition. Evolving. Excited about what’s next. In Women's Connection, we’ve 
found a fresh, fun combination of real expertise in transitions along with a welcoming, supportive environment where friendships flourish and activities abound.

And this is how we do it…


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African American Art: A Mirror of Social Issues 

Dates: Friday, June 28, 2024

Time:  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (ET)

Location:  Zoom

For over two years, since April 2022, guided by artist and educator, Chichi Lovett, Women's Connection members have participated in monthly virtual conversations focused on the works of African American artists. We look at paintings, prints, photography and sculpture -- each session is focused on the work of one artist. During these fascinating sessions, we have learned to engage with all kinds of art in deeper and more illuminating ways, and we have enhanced our understanding of some of the complex social issues facing us today.

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June 2024 Newsletter (Caring Times)

It is almost summer, which means there are many more opportunities to do things outdoors with other members. Check out the events for this month here. Caring Collaborative is here for you. Reach out to your neighborhood group buddies. Go for a walk, have a get-together with a group member or a few group members. If you’re not in a neighborhood group and would like to connect with someone, please send a note to

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Fresh Start

Jackie Krauss

It took me a few years to know when I was ready to retire. Most of my family who are younger than me had already done so. When I asked them how you know when you are ready, they said "you'll know". I never understood what they meant until I experienced it myself. For me 70 was the right time. 

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